Tips for a Safe Diwali

Safety Tips For Diwali: Tips to Celebrate a safe Diwali

Safety Tips to Celebrate a safe Diwali: Diwali is a festival of happiness, lights and celebrations. Moreover, it is also one of the best time of the year for family gatherings. However, other than tons of enjoyment, it is essential for us to celebrate Diwali safely. For this, you have to follow certain tips, as we have discussed in our blog post.

Tips for a Safe Diwali
Tips for a Safe Diwali

1. Give Instructions to Kids: Before you should take kids in the open area for bursting crackers, you should give the necessary instructions about using firecrackers appropriately. Besides, you should supervise your children while they have fun time while bursting crackers.

2. Avoid Closed Areas: You should never burst any firecracker in a closed building or area. Doing this may result in a massive hazard in case fire breaks out.

3. Quality of Firecrackers: You should always purchase firecrackers from certified and legal manufacturers. Besides, you should make sure following the necessary instructions before bursting them actually. Good quality crackers involve less risks related to any dangerous accident.

4. Type of Clothes: Bursting of firecrackers is an enjoyable activity for everyone, i.e. adults and children both. Thus, to avoid any fire accident, we recommend you wearing cotton clothes and strictly stay away from any type of synthetic clothes.

5. Fire Extinguisher Arrangement: Arrangement of a fire extinguisher in close proximity to the bursting firecrackers area is highly essential. Even sand or a bucket of water helps a lot to deal with unexpected fire incidents.

6. Dispose of the Used Firecrackers: You should dispose off the used firecrackers immediately and with proper care. You may put them in a bucket containing full of water or simply put sand on them to exit its heat.

7. First Aid Kit: Place a handy first aid kit while your kids and you enjoy fireworks. If there is any minor injury, first aid kit may treat it immediately simply at home.

8. Safety of Pets: Pets become the part of family for various animal lovers. However, Diwali is an agonizing time for animals. This is because of the extreme noise and violent sound all around. One of the best ways to let your pets comfortable is to sensitize them with such similar types of noises by playing almost similar sound in advance. Besides, you should never leave the pets alone and always keep them away from firecrackers.

9. Diyas and Candles: We all know that Diwali is the festival to lit beautiful diyas and candles to spread their light and tons of happiness. However, while placing lit diyas and candles, you should make sure that there are no inflammable material or curtain close to them.

10. Celebrate with Utmost Care and Sensitivity: Lastly, you should celebrate your Diwali festival with utmost care and sensitivity. For this, you should use firecrackers, which do not make loud noise to be sensitive towards your friends and neighbors. Excessive noise pollution is harmful for every individual, especially the senior citizens of our society.

Therefore, with safety tips, you will celebrate Diwali festival joyously with your family members and spread happiness among others.

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